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About Shawna

I am...

An Empath, Clairaudio, and have heightened senses.

What is Empathic?

Being an Empath means that I can sense and go through other people's emotions. It is a beautiful Gift. It gives me the ability to easily connect with others.

If you would like to know more

Just ask, I won't be offended if you have any questions. I love to be open with others.

About Kalene

I am...

An Intuitive, spiritual healer, clairaudio, clairvoyant and a dream reader.

What does all that mean?

Spiritual healing is the cleansing of negative energies, or too much energy in your aura as well as your chakra points. It may work for some, it may not work for others. You have to be open to the cleansing.

Dream Interpreter: Its as easy as that! If you have had a dream that you would want me to interpret, let me know and I can decipher what it may mean to you.

If you want to know more

I am a very open person, so if you have any questions ask away! I’m more than happy to answer.

What is our strengths

Tarot Reading


Shawna is good at the Celtic Cross layout and intuitive deep draws.

Kalene is good on personal life goal readings and a yearly astrological read.

Dream interpritations


Kalene is best in this department, she is your definite go to gal!

Spritual Healing


Kalene and I Have both completed our Masters in Reiki Healing.