Tenebrous Tarot Would Like To Welcome Zovaria Crystal Fusion Water Bottles!

About Our Tarot Reading Style


Everyone is Different

The way we do Tarot is through Energy and Intent. Because I am Empathic, and my partner is Intuitive, we can use energy to our advantage; As well as guide you to do the same. Once you have your Tarot read, you have already set yourself on the path of change.


Nothing is set in Stone

Our readings do not predict the future, we are not Psychic's. The readings are not a set route, it is advice towards where your path is headed at the time of the reading. As well, we do not predict death, birth or relationship status.


Having an open mind

The more calm and open minded you are the better. As we mentioned previously our readings are based on Energy and Intent. If you are nervous or are unsure, then I suggest you do not get a reading done. If the reading is done while you are uncomfortable, you may not respond well to the advice. You may misinterpret what the cards read. If you are uneasy at all, please contact us so we can lessen any anxiety you might have. I want our customers to be comfortable in their surroundings and have a good time.

More about our Tarot Style

We use Crystals in our Readings

The Crystals are to help protect the Seeker and their Reading.

The way we use the crystals is similar to crystal healing where the crystals energies help you (the seeker) to get a better and more clear reading.

  • (See "Crystal Page" for more)

The Seeker

  • (That's you!) Must have good intentions and a clear mind before a reading.


Do not bring someone If they do not want a reading done. If you want them to come with you and they are unsure, let them contact us to find out more, so they can have good intentions when coming here.

  • (please Inquire beforehand